Kerry Ferguson

Helping small businesses understand the power of digital

A social media obsessive, passionate about business and community.

My Story

I stepped into the world of business in 2013, and before that I’d worked in hospitality for 8 years. Without a doubt, the hospitality business taught me a lot of the skills I needed to run my own business, as well as juggling my jobs with studies – GCSEs, A Levels, BSc and finally an MSc.

In 2013, Gwe Cambrian Web began, a joint business venture with my partner Emlyn. We spotted a gap in the market in terms of bilingual (Welsh) website design and developers. The business grew very steadily year on year, and by 2015 I was able to leave my “full time” job, and plough all of my efforts into Gwe Cambrian Web, and setting up my own business, Discover Your Wales.

In 2016, an opportunity for an office move arose, and we opened the Aberystwyth Business Hub where we remain today. By this point, I’d really started getting stuck into digital marketing, passing a Shaw Academy Digital Marketing course with a Distinction. Having graduated University in 2014, I was also getting more involved in the local community.

Roll on to 2019, and my passions are firmly set: enabling small businesses, digital marketing, social media. I am full of energy and driven about everything I do in my day to day. One of the best things about running a business for me is the constant learning. From a young age I always loved learning, and working in tech and digital means you never know everything. I attend digital and social media conferences (check out my blog over 2020 for these) across the UK as well as making sure I’m always on top of latest changes and new platforms.

Community-wise I’m now a Board Member of Menter Aberystwyth, organising community-led events (as well as a new event for 2020, Aberystwyth’s own Business Conference), and also a member of 3 choirs.

My Values and Beliefs

Honesty and transparency are key

This is literally the core of everything in my opinon – whether it’s business, politics, event organising. If you can’t be honest or transparent, then how will you create a strong, respected brand?

Go for it

In 2018, I won an award which really changed my outlook. We’d won awards before, and I’d won an award back in 2016. It was the process for this particular award though that has been absolutely so valuable to me. The award I won was the Young Entrepreneur of the Year (Regional, Wales, North West & Northern Ireland) at the Forward Ladies National Summit and Awards. After the regional round, there was a live judging day. I assumed it’d be an Apprentice style grilling, but I was very wrong! I came away feeling not only entirely inspired, but with a lot of knowledge and ideas, as well as this new motto for me: go for it.

Social media is for everyone

Across the web there are a lot of websites about “demystifying” social media, and it’s true. Social media isn’t some kind of magic power, it’s available for everyone, and open for everyone to use too. I’m not the type of business woman to keep secrets to myself, because in the long run, where does it get you?

My Approach

As with anything I do, it’s all about being honest and transparent. I’m not going to sell you a service you don’t need – and yes, I might be losing out on business, but I’d rather you come back to me when you want something you do need!

My approach is very much let’s meet, let’s talk and we’ll go from there. I’m not a lecturer, and I very much prefer a “two way street” relationship. It is afterall, your business.