You know, I really don’t like green in the digital world – I find it such a hard colour to work with, and it’s become a colour that I personally avoid online for my own work.

A surprise then that this website was originally very green – see older blog covers. I’ve no idea how it happened but it dawned on me over Christmas and how I actually wasn’t in love with my own site.

Cue, a new colour palette which I am now in love with! Head over to my Insta to see it in its full glory, deep blues and yellowy-gold.

Which brings me nicely onto colour psychology. Something I had been very aware of working with numerous brands over the years, but I did dip back into it again when trying to decide on my own colour palette. Blues and purples are my favourite colours in any case, but it was nice to see that blue evokes feeling so of trust, dependability and strength. Have you ever looked into what your colour branding might mean? It might surprise you…