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Frequently Asked

I have no idea about social media at all, can you help?!

Yes! I can help you right from the start, we go back to basics on the social media platforms you want to use for your business. We’ll work together to make sure you fully understand what’s possible!

Can you run my social media for me?

Yes, I do offer a range of packages for social media management. If you think this is an option you want to look at, then get in touch and we can chat!

I'm using social media, but have no strategy...

Depending on the size of your business, this isn’t always a *bad* thing, but I’d recommend having some sort of a strategy in place! Not every strategy fits every business, so work with me to get the one that’s right for you.

Can you help me with my brand?

I absolutely love branding! I don’t design logos, but what I do love is making sure the brand message gets across well. A brand isn’t just your logo, it’s the tone of voice, language, fonts, colours, style.

I use social media often, but am I doing it right?

Probably the most common question I get, clients who aren’t sure about employing that second pair of eyes…because they’re using social media already. The question is, are you using it to the best of your ability, or to its full potential?

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Reflecting back on 2021…

Reflecting back on 2021…

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Lifelong Learning: Courses 2022

Lifelong Learning: Courses 2022

You may have seen that I'm a tutor for Aberystwyth University's Lifelong Learning department, and in January I've got two Welsh language courses launching with them: Marchnata ar y Cyfryngau Cymdeithasol: a social media marketing course, we'll be looking at setting...

Social Media Trends: 2022

Social Media Trends: 2022

I've been reading a lot of the predicted social media trends for next year. Some are the same as ever, some are perhaps not relevant to my clients or target audience so, I've listed below some of the ones I feel we should be aware of and bear in mind. TikTok Across...