Social media world moves fast, so I’ve decided to do a round-up at the end of every months with the updates I’m aware of – because there are surely, countless more! It definitely feels like every platform is rushing out updates left right and centre at the moment. Let’s see what’s happened in January.


I’d like to mention first of all, there just seems to be a lot of change going on on Facebook, and a lot of glitches because of it. I think this’ll carry on for a while…plus, lots of the news released about upcoming updates don’t have specific dates. So, there will be a lot of sitting around patiently.

  • News released that the “Story” section on your Facebook pages will be removed – this was where historically we’d write a nice about piece for business pages.
  • Pages got a makeover – which I love, what do you think?
  • News also that the Like feature will also be removed soon, bringing in Following of pages instead
  • News feeds for your pages is making a comeback! This used to be available many years ago, and now it’s on the return. I’m excited for this one, it’ll make business networking so much easier.
  • Facebook also announced new user roles will soon be coming too, no idea when though.


  • A huge 70,000 removed from the platform so you might notice a slight dip in your followers count.
  • Exciting news that the blue tick verification will be coming back this year, after a couple of years of accounts not being able to apply for it!
  • Clamp down on accounts that are violent towards others – welcome news.


  • Interesting news that Instagram Reels might soon be found over on Facebook too, personlly, I’m still on TikTok.
  • Over in India, Instagram Lite is being trialled, for communities with limited access to reliable internet.
  • Ah, didn’t already mention this… Trump is banned from Facebook and Instagram indefinitely!
  • I don’t personally use Instagram on the desktop, but it looks like they are testing new ones the Stories features show on the desktop. Is there a move to more desktop functionality coming? I do hope so!


  • LinkedIn Stories gets a swipe up feature – if you aren’t already on the Stories here, it’s only available on the app and not desktop. I do know some who have yet to get it though!


  • YouTube adds hashtags to their search facility, so you can now search hashtags!

And that’s it for January… back soon with more!