How to login to more than 5 accounts on Instagram

How to login to more than 5 accounts on Instagram

It’s not being greedy, but it can be frustrating having a limit of just 5 logins for Instagram on the app, however there is a handy way around it!

While you can only have 5 ‘active’ logins on the Instagram app, if you link the accounts then you can get around this. I’ve actually currently got access to 13 accounts on my app, all off 3 ‘active’ accounts! Sneaky :p.

Multi-Account Login

This is how I do it. I have seen other blogs online which just suggest making sure you save the login details, but in a world where I’m constantly switching from client accounts to another, it’s just a few inconvenient clicks too many!

There is a swanky function called the Multi-Account Login. With this feature you can assign 4 accounts to one main account. For example, I can link or assign 4 accounts to our Gwe Cambrian Web account. This means, anyone who logs into Gwe Cambrian Web (which, realistically will only ever be me, but something to bear in mind if you do go down this route) will automatically be logged into the other 4 linked accounts.

All of a sudden, the Instagram app sees you only logged into 1 active account, rather than 5.

This is how I’ve got quick switching access to 13 accounts now, with 3 main accounts acting as the main login.

Fiddly though, but worth it.

You might find it a little fiddly, so one of the things I do if I’m rejigging the accounts – and what you might find useful if you’re doing this for the first time is to log out of all the other accounts you want to link, and then add them one by one to the multi account.

Et voila! Hopefully this makes your Instagram multi account experience a little smoother. I know it makes a huge difference for me.