Hi, I’m Kerry

I help small businesses like you feel confident with their digital marketing.

Digital marketing is more than just a Facebook post.

Let’s get to grips with what your goals are, who your audience is and how to create great content that will help you feel confident with your marketing.

As a tutor, role model and business mentor – I am here to help you find your way in the world of digital marketing. Breaking it down into simple steps, with a dose of honesty and advice along the way.


How I can help your business

Website Design

The bread and butter of any business

Website design and development is where my company first started in 2013, and while I am passionate about social media and the opportunities it presents, every business needs a strong website presence too.

Want an extra pair of eyes on your website? I provide audits, as well as website design and development.

Search Engine Optimisation

Essential website care

If you’re serious about your business, then you need to make sure your search engine optimisation is on point. SEO isn’t about ticking boxes when your website launches. It’s about giving your website the attention it deserves over a long term period. SEO ties into your business and marketing goals, which are essential for effective websites and digital marketing.

Social Media Consultancy and Training

My most popular service

I provide training for social media platforms and digital marketing strategies along with consultancy. During 2022, I worked with Cyngor Gwynedd Council, Mentrau Iaith Cymru, Business Wales and Aberystwyth University to provide a range of these popular services. If you’d like training, consultancy or a power hour, get in touch.

Social Media Management

A firm favourite

I’ve been managing social media profiles for businesses since 2007. Working with your business goals and your audience to make sure your marketing gives you a great chance of converting those all important customers. Meta Blueprint certified in Digital Marketing Associate and Community Management.

"Thanks Kerry You are the first person to EVER get me excited, let alone interested, in Face Book and all it has to offer. I am actually looking forward to setting up and using it to sell my digital download children’s fun educational activities. The webinar was just the right length of time, relaxed and informative. I recognise and applaud an excellent presentation. You know your stuff, you’re fluent without droning on and I was interested until the end. I am over 60 and have suffered death by CPD in many forms so I know a goody when I hear it. Looking forward to the next one Kerry ."

Rozy Brooks

"I attended an introduction to Instagram workshop yesterday and learnt so much. A really well structured and focussed course - Thank you 🙂 . I have struggled with Insta for a few years and feel that I have now made a huge break through!"

Tamara Morris

"Kerry held an online workshop for our members on Latte & Live, it was all about getting to grips with Instagram. Members and I gained a wide knowledge on how to use the platform and Kerry was able to answer specific questions throughout. I was amazed at how much Kerry could fit into an hour, she certainly delivers a high-quality workshop. Thank you Kerry for your time and we look forward to your next workshop with us."

Jennifer Gilmour, Latte & Live


I’m Kerry

Let me help you understand the power of great digital marketing.

I’m passionate about small businesses like yours, and seeing digital and social media used well to your advantage. I have been working with clients for over 10 years on social media strategies, digital marketing consultancy and their websites.

Can I help your business?


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What I Do

Help you feel confident with your digital marketing strategy. Looking at your website, social media marketing and more.

Common Questions

I have no idea about social media. Can you help?!

I can help you right from the start. We’ll go back to basics on the social media platforms you want to use for your business. We’ll work together to make sure you fully understand what’s possible!

Can you run my social media for me?

Yes, I do offer a range of packages for social media management. If you think this is an option you want to look at, then get in touch and we can chat!

I'm using social media, but have no strategy...

Depending on the size of your business, this isn’t always a *bad* thing, but I’d recommend having some sort of a strategy in place! Not every strategy fits every business, so work with me to get the one that’s right for you.

Can you help me with my brand?

I absolutely love branding! I don’t design logos, but what I do love is making sure the brand message gets across well. A brand isn’t just your logo, it’s your tone of voice, language, fonts, colours, style…

I use social media often, but am I doing it right?

Probably the most common question I get asked. People often aren’t sure if they’re using social media effectively. Ask yourself, is it working for your business?

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