Social Media Management

Social media management is more popular than ever.

Running your own business is full on, and with the growing importance of digital marketing, there’s a huge amount you need to do. Not just the day to day running, the HR, accounting and thinking about your services or products – you also have to market your business. Social media is a huge element of this, making sure you have a spot on strategy, keeping on top of the latest trends and making sure you’re active.

Outsourcing your social media could be the answer to help you focus on your business – and I can help! Managing your social media platforms for you, so you can worry less about that and concentrate on the day to day for the business yourself. If you’re interested, check out my packages below, or get in touch!

What’s included?

Face to face meeting - so we can openly chat about your goals, the strategy and how it's working

Unique graphics, videos and images - I always work to your brand but work on making your social media stand out

Utilise all of the features - my packages don't limit by hours or features, if a new feature comes out, I'm on it!

Checking out the competition - making sure we're not doing the same thing, and making sure we stand out

Engagement is key, and something I always include in my packages

Pick my brains whenever you want, I'm here to support you and your business afterall

Where I pride myself...

My packages are designed based on what I recommend in any consultancy or training situations. I don’t limit by amount of hours, I don’t say you have to pay me more to engage on posts or answer messages, and I don’t make you pay more for me to use all of the features on a platform.

For example, I wouldn’t agree to only post once a week on Instagram, because I recommend more to make that platform work for you – you have to utilise the Stories, Guides, Reels, post and engage consistently. My packages are all designed with that recommendation in mind.