Social Media Training

Social Media Training Sessions

Start Googling, and you’ll find absolutely loads of ideas, theories, do’s and don’ts out there when it comes to social media – whether that’s for a business, charity or your own personal brand. Where do you start?

First, it all comes down to what you do. I can go on all day about social media tricks for a hospitality business, but if you run a service-based business, it’s completely different. I always run my training sessions completely bespoke to you – what you do, and what you want out of social media. That’s different for everyone too!

At the end of our sessions, I want you to go away feeling both confident and excited! Confident to use the skills you’ve learned and excited to get started and give your social media a boost. I’ll also share some great resources that I love to use in the day to day running of my business.


I use social media every day, and I love it! Learning new skills, keeping up with the ever changing landscape.

I attend social media and digital marketing conferences across the UK to keep myself at the top of the game when it comes to social media. During 2023 you’ll find me at the Digital Women Live Conference in March, Social Media Marketers Meet Up and Atomicon!

Going as well? Let’s meet up for a cuppa.

Fewer Buzzwords… More Training

Social media and digital marketing are full of buzzwords – but let’s speak your language. So, move over “content generation” and hello “ideas on what to post”! Here’s just a bit of what my social media training includes.


Getting the most out of the platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram… there are loads. But are you using them to the best of your ability?


Tips on creating content

It can be a struggle coming up with ideas, so let’s chat about what you can post, and resources you can use to help.


Creating a marketing strategy

Having a strong plan in place is really important if you want to succeed on social media.


The importance of analytics

There’s no point putting in a lot of hard work if you don’t take a look at the results. But with so much data, what do you look at?

My Packages


Keeping it personal really gives me a chance to get to understand what your business is about, your goals and how I can specifically help you.

From an hour to a full day,  there are plenty of options. You could even look at a monthly subsciption for an hour of my time a month.

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Smaller Groups

Perfect for businesses or organisations, and we can cover a whole range of topics and platforms over the course of half a day or a full day.

You might not be from the same business but have the same goals or level of experience on social media? Why not get together for a training session?

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Running a workshop-style event to learn about social media and digital marketing can work wonders.

We’ll open up the room to discussion, so people can share tips and tricks – it’s all about learning, collaboration and supporting each other.

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