What I Do

Social Media Management

Let me take the strain and run your social media for you, while you run your business. It’s one less thing to stress about, and it’s something I love to do!

Social Media Consultancy

Help plan your goals, decide where you want your social media to go, create a digital strategy, and more. In-depth support tailored to you.

Social Media Training

Want to learn the ropes yourself? I can teach you how to use different social media platforms, while sharing my knowledge with you on how to succeed online.


An audit is a great way to outline the work you should do to improve your overall marketing. I create audits for websites, SEO and social media.


A WordPress specialist, I can develop, create and design a new website for your business. You can also find out more through my limited company, Gwe Cambrian Web.

Search Engine Optimisation

Your website deserves good SEO, so it reaches your business and marketing goals. SEO is an imperative part of your marketing, and often left to last, despite its importance.

Strategy Planning

You need a strong strategy in place with any business, especially if you are using digital marketing. It’ll save you time in the long run, and give you a clear focus.


Content Creation

Whether for your website or your social media, creating new and exciting content is super important. You want to inform and capture your audience, as well as increase engagement and provide quality content.

My Approach

As with anything I do, it’s all about being honest and transparent. I’m not going to sell you a service you don’t need – and yes, I might be losing out on business, but I’d rather you come back to me when you want something you do need!

My approach is very much let’s meet, let’s talk and we’ll go from there. I’m not a lecturer, and I very much prefer a “two way street” relationship. It is after all, your business.

My Favourite Social Media Stats For 2022

Who doesn’t love a good social stat? Here are some of my favourites so far this year!


Facebook remains the most used platform for marketers worldwide


with Instagram coming in second as the most used platform for marketers worldwide

minutes on average that adults spend on social media every day


engagement on Instagram at an all time high (compared to Facebook, at 8%!)


increase in brand investment on TikTok, compared to Instagram at 64%

consumers 6 times more likely to purchase from a product page that includes pictures from social media