I’m keeping the title simple. I absolutely love branding – I love everything it encompasses, and am always taken aback by the businesses that don’t take branding seriously.

Is it because they don’t know what it is? Is that the challenge? I don’t think so. I think that most businesses do know what branding is, but they don’t actually appreciate or value its importance. That’s the challenge.

A strong brand is super important for a few reasons. Not least because it leaves a memorable impression of your business to your possible and current customers. People begin to recognise the brand, especially when we now live in a world where marketing is all around – offline and online. The stronger your brand, the more likely it is that customers and potential customers will both recognise it, and become loyal to it.

In short, a strong brand encourages trust. It can inspire employees, supports your advertising and creates a strong message for your potential clients.

Now, we should move onto some buzzwords: what makes a good brand? A good, strong brand will have excellent and memorable aesthetics, it will evoke trust, be easy to understand, be honest, have a personality and be innovative. I’ve talked about this a lot with Gwe Cambrian Web, so if you already follow my businesses these words shouldn’t come as a surprise. Think about a brand, and does it evoke all of those buzzwords? Remember, a brand isn’t just the logo, it’s the colours used, the fonts, the tone of voice, the style and feel. All of this comes together to create a strong brand, with personality. And isn’t that exciting!