Back on March 19th I wrote a blog about working from home and self-isolting. This was a few days before the UK Government announced a lockdown at 5pm effective immediately, and I’m glad we’d already decided to move the office and stay home as much as we could. I didn’t feel as panicked as I’d imagined I would be, having already made the decision.

I listed a load of things I wanted to do during lockdown, not knowing how long it’d go on for at all though. A few I’ve managed – we’ve launched a webinar series, I’m on book 3 of lockdown, my scarf is coming along nicely… I also signed up to A LOT of webinars, thanks to many conferences moving online. I’m really trying to use my time to make sure I brush up on my skills, and where I can, gain those all important qualifications.

But, what struck me from the conferences was how open many people are trying to be. That’s not just in terms of helping others, but in terms of their own thoughts. Perhaps for the first time since started a business back in 2013, it’s easy to find people who are having the same thoughts and feelings as you. Is it because the weight of the situation (coronavirus) is so huge, people are being forced to be open? Or, am I just following the right people now?

It’s been refreshing for me, within many Facebook groups, to be open and share my worries, thoughts, feelings. We’re all on a huge emotional rollercoaster, and everyone knows it. I’m usually quite a cagey person in local groups, because so many people in there are clients. Of course, everyone wants to see that we’re human at the end of the day, but I’m not sure I’d be able to comfortably do that in a space with so many clients. Having said that, I am being more personal and honest on my professional Twitter and Instagram. People buy from people afterall.

Long may it continue!