Radio Aber is a new bilingual, community radio station launching early 2021, and I’m really chuffed to have been asked to be on the new Board for the company!

One of the things I do really enjoy about working for my own company, is having the choice and flexibility of being a part of the community, and being a part of boards or committees – Radio Aber the latest one for me to get stuck in with.

It certainly is an exciting project, and I really believe it will be a great benefit to the local community when it launches. Not just because we have so much to shout about in our small part of Wales, but also in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, reaching out to those who live by themselves or are in rural areas is now more important than ever. Local radio is a great way to bridge this gap, this hurdle – and I can’t wait to be a part of that.

Click here to find out more about Radio Aber on their own website, and if you want to get involved, we’re on the look out for volunteers – not just to be on the radio, but to help with production, admin, advertising..! There’s always a way to be involved, and I’d highly encourage it!