You may have spotted the webinar blog post earlier in the year – and this has been something really popular for us. We’ve been as a company providing free webinars on a weekly basis in Welsh and English – about websites, social media, platforms in particular… it’s been really enjoyable and I’ve loved the buzz from the webinars, chatting to loads of different people and businesses across Wales and further afield!

So, then I thought why not just offer a free, informal , 45 minute “consultation” about anything digital marketing or websites. So if you’re wanting a natter about your website or social media, digital marketing strategies or just small business in general – get in touch and book today.

I’ve already worked with companies like Home Start Cymru on this – just chatting away on how best to use social media in general. It’s surprising how much you can fit into 45 minutes, and I’m always happy to help where I can!

Email me on