Back in 2019 (way back when right?!) I was on the f:entrepreneur #ialso Top 100 list. What is it? Well, something that actually keeps chiming and chiming with me in 2020 for sure.

The purpose of the #ialso campaign by the f:entrepreneur team was to highlight that generally, women in business don’t “just” do that one business. In general, there is a huge trend for women to be juggling a lot more.

Oh yes.

So I thought, as people know me for Gwe Cambrian Web (website design and social media obsessive), why not let you know what else I’m involved in? What got me onto that list?

Menter Aberystwyth

This is probably the biggest thing on my #ialso list. I’m the finance director for Menter Aberystwyth, which is a partnership organisation here in Aberystwyth. I volunteer my time, and help organise a range of events. Finance director is a bit of a swanky title, because I do a lot more than that! We organise 4 events in the year, and I lead on one of those. I get to be part of the Christmas Lights switch on, the Aber First Awards, Summer Fete and in 2020, the Talking Business Conference. So, lots of event organising, lots of community engagement, marketing (of course) and also asking for funding.

Co-founder of the Aberystwyth Business Hub

This is actually where our office is based, but we also rent out office spaces, hot desks, meeting rooms and virtual offices. Moving to this building was our chance for a lovely shop window, and actually daylight (we had a basement office before). I REALLY wanted to move here when the building came up, and we basically worked backwards from agreeing we wanted it, to what would we do with the whole building!

Business on the side…

I do also have another business which is completely outside of websites and digital marketing, called Discover Your Wales. I set this up back in 2015,and typically, Gwe Cambrian Web just launched itself a few levels higher than I expected! Discover Your Wales is a holiday cottage agency, and a sector I am still very passionate about. I’d love to get more time to really dedicate to this, but to be honest, it seems quite happy running itself!

Business Mentor with Business Wales

I actually applied for this after reaching the #ialso list, because I just get so excited and passionate about people and their businesses that I felt I’d be a great fit and hopefully of some use! I currently have 3 mentees and really enjoy chatting to them about their goals and objectives, learning about their passions and hopefully helping to steer them in the right direction!

Role Model for Big Ideas Wales

I was chuffed to be asked to be a role model for Big Ideas Wales in 2019. It’s all about inspiring young people that the “traditional” career paths aren’t the only options out there – as we know! I get to visit schools and colleges and inspire (hopefully) the next generation of amazing business people!

Other bits and bobs

You know with networking and spending time doing all of the things above, you inevitably end up just helping out all the time, and I love that. I love it when someone comes to me on social or in my inbox because they’ve been recommended to me for some advice or signposting. If I can help, or throw in some advice, then it’s worth it. You have to give in this life.

And it’s not all work, I’m also part of 2 choirs and a recital group, although in the run up to the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol in 2021, it’s 5 choirs…! For me, the singing and recital is a good way to make sure I don’t work 24/7. It’s also a brilliant way of expanding your network outside of your sector, and meeting new friends which can be hard, when you run your own company!