Last week, although we were closed to clients, we were having a week dedicated just to the business itself. It deserves some TLC, and it’s easy to just go with the flow over the course of a year and forget to update websites, or work on your business.

So, a whole week dedicated to the business and our goals for the future. I thought, why not post on my own website my goals for 2022, as some form of holding myself to account? I’d love to know what your goals are too!

  1. Write that book! In 2021, I really wanted to write a business related book. There’s lots around in English, but definitely room in the market for ones in Welsh.
  2. Launch our online courses – this is a business related goal, but one I really do personally want to acheive as well. Again, I think there’s so much room for Welsh courses online, and it’s something I want to help lead the way on.
  3. Gardening. In 2020, I took on some small amount of gardening. During lockdown 2 at the start of 2021, we completely renovated our garden so that we could grow more (3 beds and lots of pots). This year, I’ve got plenty of books, a journal and a LOT more pots, planters and one extra bed. So, onto the gardening this year, and then the pickling.
  4. Exercise. In 2021, I signed up to Bethan Davies fitness, and the group PT went very well for me for the first 4 months of the year. It then got busy, and I know I let the excuses dominate. However, by the end of 2021 I was feeling completely gutted that I’d thrown away 4 months of hard work, and was basically back at square 1. So, this year, I am going to focus on myself more – my body, the food I eat and the exercise I undertake. It’s a slow burner, but I have to stay committed this time.

I might add to this … we’ll see! Let me know your goals 🙂