Social media is the perfect way to show off your personality online, and in an age where we crave that personal touch, what could be more important?

Let’s focus on a small business perspective – a lot of my social media clients will ask me what they can post about, because quite frankly, they feel that they don’t have a lot to say.

This is where personality comes in.

Every business has its own personality, whether you meant to let it happen or not. It’ll come from the graphics you use, the content you usually share, the brand – colours, fonts. At some point, if you didn’t mean it, you’ll be able to look at your social media and brand and see a clear personality.

I have two main businesses – the first, was set up 7 years ago and is the core business for me (Gwe Cambrian Web). We focus on providing great website designs, excellent customer service, honesty and transparency and basically being very helpful whereever we can. Alongside that, the main focus is to promote the use of the Welsh language online. Our tone of voice is usually professional and informative, but we do have a bit of fun if we’re at events.

The second business, Digida Marketing, was created literally to target a younger audience who want to make an impact on social media. So what we share, and how we speak is completely different for the most part. It can be tricky, but we have two very clear personalities.

How does this help when it comes to social media?

One of the ways I try and describe this is, you have to treat your business as it’s own entity. Imagine it as a person. What sort of things would this person share and say on social media? What sort of things is the person interested in? Will your target audience be interested too? Rather than thinking “what business things can I share on social media”, you can start thinking “what is my business interested in that I can share online/what would I share online?” based on the personality.

And always a good top tip, no matter what field you business is in, your audience will always love to see those behind the scene clips. Just don’t be too repetative!