Just what does a social media audit mean? It’s a service I offer, but perhaps the title itself isn’t very clear. Let’s explain…

Think of an audit as a second pair of eyes. For a social media audit, I look at the following and more:

  • All of your social media platforms
  • The variety of your posts
  • How well you use the different post options available to you
  • Your brand consistency
  • Your brand language
  • Use of graphics
  • The variety and use of call to actions
  • Use of hashtags

An audit is a great way to give you some ideas on how to boost your social media – it’s not a service I offer to critique you or pick holes in your current marketing strategy. It’s there to affirm what you are currently doing, and help you tweak and improve moving forward.

Sometimes, it does just take that second pair of eyes, from outside of your business to provide some new ideas! Nothing wrong with that at all.