February flew didn’t it? Everyone always says it’s because it’s a short month, but in reality it’s only 2 or 3 days shorter… But, as February goes, we know we’re moving to warmer, longer days which I am grateful for as we’re still in our lockdown here in Wales. Onto the social media updates from February then…

Note: I’ve not actually talked about Clubhouse yet, because as an Android user… I’ve not got access. By all accounts though, it looks great.


  • According to Matt Navarra, a new feature is being rolled out called Account Status, which basically puts your pages and groups all in one easily accessible place.
  • Some changes coming into force with privacy and cookie rules, might result in Pixels not working as expected.
  • Shopify can now integrate with Facebook and Instagram, which is big news!


  • Twitter annouced, on the back of Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces will soon be launched – they’ll be in the Reels bar, and I suspect, work in a similar way to Clubhouse. More on that probably in the March round-up if not before.
  • Fleets sees a little upgrade, more on the visual side – keep an eye on these if you use them, I suspect they will only get better and better.
  • Twitter also annouced a subscription model might be coming in soon, so you can posgt exclusive content to only a select few followers. From what I’ve seen on social media so far, it doesn’t seem very popular. Will it even launch?


  • The big Feburary news was that Instagram won’t promote any Reels with a TikTok watermark. It had been super easy to make your excellent Reels over on TikTok and then share them to Instagram. Looks like this will be no more! Sad, because TikTok does have superior features at the moment.
  • Other big news that I was a tad saddened by is that Instagram is also tested removing the share posts to story feature. This would be a huge blow for many marketers I think! Will it happen though…
  • The ability to have more than 1 person join you in a live is coming… and this will be exciting!
  • Stories may soon be in a vertical feed (oh hi, TikTok), rather than horizontal. I think I do prefer this actually, it’s how YouTube and TikTok work.
  • Will we soon see Tweets being shared into Stories? There are rumblings…

That’s it for February, but lots of ‘coming soon’ and ‘rolling out’ next month. Plus, tweaks and updates to functionality already – it’s busy out there in the social media world.